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Detailed Rail Surveying Solutions for Contractors & Railway Operators

Ensure rail infrastructure meets design specification both during and after construction and as part of a regular maintenance routine with our range of quality rail surveys.

Rail Infrastructure

Ensure Rail Infrastructure Maintains Operational Specifications & Construction Design

Let our expert railway surveyors help keep your rail infrastructure safe and operational according to designs and specifications with our advanced railway track surveying services.

Although rail design engineers design railways with the highest accuracy, tracks can move during construction and infrastructure can degrade over time. At Summit Infrastructure, we can perform railway line surveys at your site during construction, post-construction, or as part of regular maintenance.

Within our rail surveying services, we leverage the most advanced technology in the industry, including drones and laser scans, to find faults that could impede rail operations accurately.

Rail worker surveying railway track


Our Railway Surveying Services

At Summit Infrastructure, we have the expertise and knowledge to offer the following rail surveying services.

Drone Surveys

Determine the condition of your track gauge, joint bars, and lineside infrastructure with our drone surveys. Using the latest drone technology, we can provide aerial surveys at all construction and operational stages. With our drone surveying service, you will receive high-resolution orthomosaic, 3D imaging combined with automated detection of tie condition, skew and spacing images.

Industrial Track Surveys & Inspections

To ensure existing tracks haven’t shifted, and new tracks meet the design specifications throughout construction, we conduct detailed surveys of track geometry. Our industrial track surveys and inspections are suitable for industrial tracks to ensure compliance with provincial standards is maintained.

Laser Sweep Surveys

We perform clearance analysis by scanning the track and surrounding infrastructure to ensure that trains can fit through tunnels or past other infrastructure. Our laser sweep surveys are available for both Class 1 and LRT railways across Canada.

Culvert Surveys

Through the use of drones, we survey culverts to ensure that they are not rusting, collapsing or otherwise damaged.

BENEFITS OF Railroad Surveys

Experience the Benefits of Railroad Surveys

Railroad surveys are important for a number of reasons.

Boots off Ballast

Our drone surveys ensure staff safety while providing data on the state of the rail infrastructure or construction project without the need for costly line closures.

Issue Prevention

Track surveys are beneficial because they identify faults early before an issue arises to help you save money on repairs that are significantly more costly.

Change Detection

Regular surveys provide the big picture of how your rail corridor is affected by rail traffic and weather. By comparing survey data over time, you can find issues early and continue to monitor changes.


Why Choose Summit Infrastructure?

Summit Infrastructure is a partner you can trust to complete your rail surveys because we are entirely independent and neutral. Unlike other companies that offer surveys and repairs, we provide only surveys and have nothing to gain, whether or not the survey results indicate that your rail infrastructure requires repairs. You can feel confident knowing that the results from our surveys are completely accurate and unbiased and that we will support your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surveys are generally priced per project for yards and construction projects and per mile or KM for mainline tracks. Our use of the latest technology means we not only provide superior results but also gather data faster, therefore, we’re cheaper than the competitors.
At Summit, we are fully insured and also follow the latest rules and requirements for flying drones. Additionally, all Summit staff hold the appropriate license for drone operation. If you have a site in mind and want to discuss drone overflight suitability, please get in touch.
We can provide our services to firms operating across Canada with the exception of our industrial track inspection, which we only perform in Alberta & British Columbia.

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