Rail Tie Lateral Resistance Plates

Summit Infrastructure is proud to be the exclusive Canada & USA distributor of TrackWork Ltd. lateral resistance plates, offering

Without the need for major track modifications or ballast excavation.


Improving Track Stability for LRT & Heavy Rail Applications

Particularly useful for tight radius curves, where ballast shoulders are lacking or in areas of numerous switches, TrackWork rail tie lateral resistance plates are fitted to improve track stability and enhance lateral resistance. The increase in lateral stability provided can overcome track buckling issues, and maintain key gauge clearance in stations and around structures, whilst reducing the frequency of tamping required.

Lateral resistance plates are recommended to be installed on every or every other tie dependent on the level of track stability improvement required and the local site conditions.

Multiple lateral resistance plates on rail ties


The Benefits of TrackWork Lateral Resistance Plates

TrackWork’s lateral resistance plates offer numerous impressive advantages for railway operators compared to alternative solutions.

No Excavation

Each lateral resistance plate has two vertical spades which allow you to install the plates without excavating the compacted ballast. The spades can also be removed easily for tamping and maintenance operations.


Without the need for ballast excavation, TrackWork’s lateral resistance plates can be installed significantly faster than the alternative solutions.

Increased Stability & Lateral Resistance

Installing the vertical spades of the lateral resistance plates directly into the compacted ballast provides significantly more lateral resistance compared to the alternatives, eliminating the risk of deformation and buckling.

Approved Globally

The product has been approved by international railway operators and used by Canadian railway operators across the country as a safe and reliable way to improve the lateral resistance of tracks.

Why Purchase

Why Purchase Lateral Resistance Plates from Summit Infrastructure

Not only is Summit Infrastructure the exclusive distributor of TrackWork’s innovative lateral resistance products to the Canadian market, but we also offer numerous additional benefits to our customers.

Delivery Across Canada

We can deliver to any location in Canada. The products are supplied in kit form for safe manual handling and transport.

No Minimum Order Quantity

We can ship any quantity of lateral resistance plates to your site.

A Range of Fitment Options

Choose between end or center fitment to suit the sizes of your rail ties.


Used By LRT & Heavy Rail Operators Across Canada

We’re proud to have sold TrackWork lateral resistance plates to many sites across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

The plates are made from heavy-duty steel and painted to provide a long lifespan and no ongoing maintenance other than visual inspection.
We offer a range of options to fit most wooden and concrete tie sizes. Please contact us to verify fit.

TrackWork lateral resistance plates can increase lateral track stability by up to 50% depending on the site conditions and the number of plates installed.

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