Bespoke Rail Monitoring for the Construction & Railway Industries

Meet operational or contractual rail requirements with our innovative full-service remote railway monitoring solution.


A New Way To Optimize Railway Operations & Reduce Construction Risks

Summit Infrastructure is proud to utilize Senceive’s groundbreaking technology to offer unprecedented remote rail monitoring solutions in the Canadian railway industry. This non-invasive modular wireless technology is easy to install and allows for near real-time monitoring of crucial rail assets, providing vital data on key track parameters, such as:

The innovative camera integration also provides near real-time images and alerts for:

Senceive wireless rail monitoring

Say goodbye to rail operators sending inspection crews to check track geometry or construction contractors needing flagger-controlled access during lineside construction activities or following severe weather events. Our trackbed intelligent sensors provide automated alerts on threshold breaches, access to critical information, and 24/7 data collection, whilst keeping boots off the ballast, reducing costs, and ensuring maximum safety.


Our Remote Railway Monitoring Services

Better manage your rail network or railway construction project while revolutionizing your rail monitoring with our innovative monitoring services.

On-Site Installation Across Canada

We will install your new wireless rail monitoring technology at your Canadian railway site.

Online Data Portal Access

Receive near real-time data on your track parameters from an intuitive data portal.

Automated Alert Configuration

With the Senceive Infraguard system, you will get automated alerts straight to your email and phone should a threshold be breached. These alerts are combined with on-site images to verify potential slope failures or debris flows.

System Training

Gain proper training to learn how to access data via the data portal, run reports, manage the alert system, and more.


Experience the Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Remote rail monitoring offers several significant advantages to conventional rail inspections typically conducted on Canadian railways.

Significant Cost Savings

Save thousands of dollars a month by accessing collected data remotely rather than deploying traditional survey crews to monitor your site.

Maintain High Safety Standards

Obtain ground-level observations without putting traditional survey crews or on-site personnel at risk on railway tracks.

24/7 Real-Time Updates

Receive all necessary track parameter updates when needed so you can rectify rail defects early and improve maintenance planning. All real-time data can be recorded up to every five minutes.


Why Choose Summit Infrastructure?

Summit Infrastructure takes pride in being the sole provider of our state-of-the-art remote monitoring solutions to the Canadian rail industry.

Case Studies

Lateral displacement monitor on railway

Lateral Displacement Monitoring for a Western Canadian Transit Agency

When a Western Canadian transit agency struggled with a lateral displacement of a curve prone to movement in hot weather, Summit provided a near real-time monitoring system. In under an hour, this system was installed with no impact on service or revenue and provided the client with near real-time alerts and data on the following:

By using our track monitoring system, the client was able to sustain train speed during hot weather conditions, with trains only requiring speed reductions when increased rail temperatures were detected and linked to lateral movement and potential buckling of the curve. This data was saved and used to form future hot weather critical rail temperature management strategies.

After the monitoring process, the client opted to install Summit Infrastructure lateral resistance plates to reduce any future lateral movement in the tight radius curve.

Track Monitoring for a Construction Contractor Drilling Under A Track

Summit Infrastructure provided track monitoring services to a construction contractor who was performing directional drilling beneath a CN rail track. This client made use of the system to obtain near real-time data with automated alerts reporting every five minutes on:

The rail monitoring system was installed two weeks before construction to allow a baseline of typical track movement. It also ran during construction and two weeks after construction. The construction contractor, rail client, and geotechnical engineers were all set up with automated alerts and near real-time data.

Multiple track monitors on railway

The project resulted in significant cost savings by minimizing the number of on-track surveys that had to be conducted in person, along with associated flagger costs. The system operated throughout the entire project duration, in all weather conditions, without needing on-track access.

CN train moving on railway


Serving Sites Across Canada with Remote Condition Monitoring

We have installed our remote railroad track monitoring technology on rail infrastructure throughout Canada for clients, including:

We have also worked with various construction companies working under, on, or adjacent to railway track.

Frequently Asked Questions

The total cost of remote monitoring depends on a variety of factors. On average, our services are 75% cheaper than the cost of sending survey crews or flaggers for on-site monitoring.

It can take between a few hours to a maximum of one day to set up the equipment, depending on the size of the rail monitoring system. When setting up the sensors on the site, we can work around track access requirements.

Our equipment is very reliable as it is solar-powered, allowing the sensors to run 24/7, providing you with continuous access to the required data. The system also comes equipped with two weeks’ worth of backup battery power. In difficult locations, our systems can operate on alternative power solutions, such as ethanol fuel cells.

Our remote monitoring technology currently works in any Canadian location with cellphone service. We will soon have satellite connectivity allowing us to reach even more remote locations.

All of our rail monitoring equipment is designed to work in any railway environment and can withstand all weather conditions and regular track maintenance, such as tamping. Our equipment has been used from -40°C to + 40°C and continues to operate where traditional survey targets would have been buried, like in the snow.

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