Commercial De-Icer

The Industry’s Most Advanced Commercial De-Icer

Speed up the melting process of ice and snow on train station platforms, walkways, and more with IsoGlaze de-icer, an alternative de-icing solution that works 6x faster and spreads 3x further than rock salt.

Winter Granular De-Icer

A Winter Granular De-Icer That Works Immediately

IsoGlaze is a market-leading de-icer that heats up on contact with snow and ice, creating a chemical reaction that protects surfaces against ice accumulation, even in very low temperatures.

For rail operators, facilities managers, airports, and local governments, ice on infrastructure like pathways and platforms can pose serious safety risks and traditional sodium chloride-based de-icers do not provide the most effective method of ice control. Unlike most ice melting products, IsoGlaze creates a mess-free brine that soaks into the aggregate and lasts for over 48 hours, reducing the amount of ice and snow removal required.

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The Benefits of IsoGlaze for Commercial De-Icing

IsoGlaze de-icer offers numerous benefits for rail operators.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Reduce maintenance times, product usage, and storage costs with IsoGlaze de-icer, which spreads 6x further than rock salt.

48 Hours of Anti-Icing

Experience 48 hours of constant protection with the unique anti-icing properties of IsoGlaze de-icer, thus reducing re-applications.

More Eco-Friendly

IsoGlaze is made with biodegradable materials and is significantly safer for plants and vegetation. It is also less harmful for small pets and animals than rock salt.

Significantly Less Corrosive

Compared to salt, IsoGlaze is significantly less corrosive on concrete and metals, providing better preservation of assets and infrastructure in the long-term.

Why Purchase

Why Purchase De-Icer from Summit Infrastructure

Not only is Summit Infrastructure the Canadian distributor of IsoGlaze de-icer, but we also provide the following benefits to our valued customers.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Purchase and receive the amount of de-icer that your operations require.

Delivery Across Canada

We proudly ship our de-icing products to any location in Canada.

Advice & Support Every Step of the Way

From product ordering to spreading equipment and mid season restocks, we will support you well beyond your initial purchase.


Used & Loved By Rail Operators Across Canada

Summit Infrastructure has helped melt ice, sleet, and snow for many rail operators across the country who continue to come back to us for IsoGlaze restocks every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

As IsoGlaze makes contact with ice or snow, it creates an exothermic reaction and begins to heat up. This reaction creates a brine that seeps into the aggregate, effectively melting any ice or snow for over 48 hours.
  • It works 6x faster
  • It lasts longer
  • It is designed to perform quickly
  • It spreads 3x further
  • It works at lower temperatures
  • It is less corrosive and less toxic
  • It doesn’t leave a messy residue
  • It is more environmentally friendly

IsoGlaze must be applied using a calibrated spreader. We can recommend specific spreaders for specific areas and installations.

We will provide you with a training guide along with our recommended spread rates as approved by an independently verified specialist spreading facility.

IsoGlaze has been tested in a lab to prevent ice and snow accumulation in very cold temperatures as low as -25°C but it has been recorded to work effectively in temperatures as low as -33°C in the field.
The standard shelf life is 1 year, but some customers have had the product last for up to 4 years, depending on storage conditions.
The product should be stored in a dry location and should not be exposed to moisture or air.
Once bags are opened, they should be used within 2 hours.
The brine produced by IsoGlaze after coming into contact with ice has slipping properties similar to water.
De-icing is the term commonly used in reference to winter maintenance, but it more specifically refers to the removal of ice after it has formed. Anti-icing is the prevention of ice formation.
IsoGlaze can be applied to all surfaces including asphalt, parking lots, any pavement surface, and much more.
IsoGlaze can be applied to all surfaces including asphalt, parking lots, any pavement surface, and much more.

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