Groundbreaking OCS Rail Monitoring for Canadian Transit Agencies & Rail Operators

An advanced overhead catenary system (OCS) monitoring solution that saves transit agencies thousands of dollars compared to alternative solutions or system failures.

Overhead Contact System

Keep Your Overhead Contact System (OCS) In Check

Summit Infrastructure is proud to help Canadian transit agencies and rail operators improve OCS monitoring through our exclusive partnership with Incremental Solutions.

The service involves installing a non-invasive camera on top of trains without any modifications to the train systems or onboard wiring. AI technology then analyzes trends in the video and provides automated alerts on potential failures in the system before the system fails, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and downtime.

The technology operates 24/7, any time trains run on the line to regularly monitor and analyze data, including:

The system also tracks other factors influencing the wire in the catenary system, including:

Overhead rail contact system


Our OCS Monitoring Services

We provide all of the services you need to monitor your overhead catenary system effectively.

On-Site Installation Across Canada

Our technicians can visit any location in Canada to install the non-invasive cameras on your trains.

Online Data Portal Access

Get easy access to critical OCS data from an easy-to-use data portal. You’ll have the option between near real-time or daily data.

Automated Alert Configuration

You’ll receive automated alerts whenever there is an issue with your overhead catenary system so you can address it before your system fails.

System Training

We provide training to help you access the data portal, configure alerts, run reports, and more.


Experience the Benefits of OCS Monitoring

Our overhead catenary system monitoring solutions offer a number of benefits compared to the alternative solutions available in the Canadian rail infrastructure market.

Preventative Maintenance

Over time, overhead wires move in the heat and degrade. Our solution detects faults in overhead catenary systems before they break so you can take further action before it shuts down your railway system.

Safety Improvements

The use of cameras and AI rather than traditional inspection crews keeps people off the infrastructure and away from the dangerous wire in the overhead catenary system.

Faster Access to Data

Our inspection system is much more efficient than sending traditional inspection crews to the site and allows you to collect and analyze data on an ongoing basis.

Significant Cost-Savings

Our OCS monitoring service is significantly less costly than a complete failure of your system. By detecting faults before they shut down your system, you can save thousands of dollars.


Why Choose Summit Infrastructure?

Although there are other companies that offer OCS monitoring to the Canadian transit industry, they use load sensors that are attached to the train to measure the force on the wires. These sensors are significantly more expensive than the Incremental Solutions technology that we use at Summit Infrastructure.

The Incremental Solutions AI technology has been proven in the UK and tested with transit agencies in Canada so you can feel confident choosing this cost-efficient solution to monitor your infrastructure.


Serving Transit Agencies Across Canada with OCS Monitoring

At Summit Infrastructure, we’ve supported transit agencies throughout the country with our OCS monitoring solution. Whether you’re looking for a monitoring service for a light rail transit system or high-speed railway, we have the experience required to support your needs.
Overhead rail contact system

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our easy-to-install, non-invasive technology is available for immediate demonstration. Contact us today to set up a trial.

You can choose to put cameras on a single train or multiple trains to monitor your overhead catenary system. The system will operate better and provide more accurate information when you run multiple trains with cameras through the line.
It depends. You can either download the information in near real-time via a wifi system that can be installed on the trains or you can access data on a daily basis at the end of each day.
The cameras can withstand all weather conditions from snow and rain to + 40°C heat.

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